The AGM Issue

Hello and welcome to the 2012 AGM edition of the newsletter. If you weren't with us for the AGM, you missed a great night with a warm, jovial atmosphere, 52 super-friendly members and guests, and one very welcoming committee. But fret not - there is always the next dinner meeting to attend! If you didn't miss out, we trust you enjoyed the delicious dinner and the little gifts?

All right, passive-aggressive teasing* aside, the annual AGM issue is always a huge one.

As it does every year, the AGM issue includes all the office-bearers' annual reports, complete with all the goss and pictures of the attendees (we recommend you get started with the AGM minutes and the new constitution). In addition to the reports, there are some important news and developments, and all the usual delightful columns we lovingly prepare for you.


*We just really like seeing you at our meetings, and want you to know how enjoyable they really are.

Melanie Sheridan
Newsletter Editor