IPEd Report

Over the past 12 months, IPEd has prioritised its revision of Australian Standards for Editing Practice; compiled a searchable database of professional development opportunities offered by all Australian societies of editors since 2008; and begun planning intensively for the 2013 National Conference. It's also embraced social media, with an active Facebook and Twitter presence.

Revision of Australian Standards for Editing Practice

At its last AGM in September 2011, IPEd decided to prioritise its revision of ASEP, a goal that has been on the cards for quite a few years now. We employed Kerry Davies, president of the Society of Editors (Qld), to facilitate a series of workshops around the country to get this process underway. Our workshop was attended by 17 of our members and I thank them on IPEd's behalf for their contributions. Since then, a working party consisting of one person from each society - in our case, me - has met regularly by phone to get the revision to almost-final-draft stage - this has been out for comment to the workshop participants, and at the next meeting, this coming weekend, I expect we will be very close to a final document.

Professional Development

With the help of the various societies' training officers, we compiled a searchable database of professional development opportunities that have been offered by all societies since 2008. Many thanks to Sue Wales who helped me with this project. It has allowed the states with smaller memberships and fewer PD opportunities to take up an IPEd offer to subsidise travel and accommodation expenses for trainers to come from other states to conduct workshops. So far, four of the societies have taken up this offer. The next stage of this project is to compile a consolidated database of universities, TAFE colleges and registered training organisations that offer editing and publishing courses.

2013 National Conference

Plans are well under way for the next national IPEd conference to be held in Perth in April next year. The WA organising committee has themed the conference 'Editing Across Borders' and has already lined up an impressive list of guest speakers, including Don Watson, Carmen Lawrence, and IPEd's inaugural patron, Professor Roly Sussex of the University of Queensland. I urge you all to make this part of your professional development and holiday travel plans for 2013 - I think everyone who has been to one of our previous conferences can assure you that you won't be disappointed. Read more about it on the conference website, which is linked from the IPEd site.

It has been my pleasure to be the Victorian representative on the IPEd Council for the past five years. However, I am very happy to be handing this role on to another committee member, and I know that Rob Sheehan has expressed interest in taking over from me after my resignation at the AGM. I know Rob has a keen interest in the various activities of IPEd and I am sure he would represent Editors Victoria admirably to IPEd and, in turn, also keep IPEd and its goals in our society's view. I am also delighted to announce that our very own Charles Houen will shortly be taking over as IPEd's company secretary.

Look for IPEd on Facebook and Twitter and become involved!

Rosemary Noble
IPEd Councillor for Victoria