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The biggest story in the Editors Victoria newsletter for the past year was the change in format.  The newsletter now lives in the Editors Victoria website, which is a great model that will make all newsletters accessible all the time.  It also means we can track how popular individual articles are, something we were always dying to get information on but which was a mystery until now.


I'm stepping down as newsletter editor, after two years on the job. When I began, I was full of plans, thinking I'd write lots of articles each month, and seek out other people to write even more. I vowed to tackle all the hard-hitting stories in our industry. I even had dreams of themed issues . . . All of this proved to be more difficult than I imagined. Today I looked back at the first couple of issues I co-edited - and was surprised to see I did actually write the odd article! And somehow convinced other people to do the same! Soon, however, Melanie and I settled for sharing the writing of the Etymology column and the newsletter intro, and just getting the thing out on time each month - with as few errors as possible.

I'm still very aware of all those ideas that never made it into print - I hope the new co-editor feels the same excitement I did and succeeds in pushing the newsletter even further.

Before I go, I'd like to give very special thanks to the rest of the newsletter team for the last year: Nonie Sadler, our proofreader; Maja Vatri?, who joined us this time last year as an intern and who I hope will take my place as co-editor of the newsletter; and of course the enigmatic Dear Ed (I'll never tell).


Kirsten Rawlings
Newsletter Co-Editor