Perth Conference Crosses Borders

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What Are Editors?

Editors are trained, skilled and practised in more than correcting spelling and punctuation. Editors make sure the message is clear; they shape and direct ideas; they structure work so that it flows; they perfect grammar and syntax, polish language and check consistency.

“Your hero has steely grey eyes on page 17 and piercing blue ones on page 58.” Whoops, you'd forgotten you decided on that change in your last draft. Those sorts of errors don't occur just in novels. Business documents, reports, online content, educational texts and resource books all need editors.

National Conference

A national editors conference is held every two years in a different state of Australia. In 2013, the Society of Editors (WA) Inc. and the Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd) will be our hosts in Perth.

When: 10-12 April 2013
Where: The Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle
Who: attendees from Western Australia, all other Australian states, New Zealand and South-East Asia; an expected 150-200 participants
What: topics on academia; scientific journals; children's, corporate, Indigenous publishing; digital media; building editorial skills; editing for the web; and editing in all genres. International and national presenters will share practices and trends in editing and publishing.


We have secured impressive keynote speakers in Don Watson, Dr Carmen Lawrence, Nury Vittachi, and our MC, Will Yeoman. We wish to attract more speakers, sponsorship and delegates. For more information, contact the conference organiser: or 08 9332 2900.