I begin this newsletter by signing off. This is my last month on the Editors Victoria committee and my last newsletter as co-editor. It's hard to believe it has been only two years - there has been so much to do and learn, and there will be so much to miss: the hard-working and supportive committee, and the fun and dedicated newsletter team (Mel, Maja, Dear Ed, Nonie), not to mention coming across tidbits of content, typos, editing stories and thinking, “Should I put that in the newsletter? Oh, I am definitely putting that in the newsletter.” I'm sure I'll still do the latter: it's going to be hard to let go in many ways, but I look forward to seeing where my co-editor Melanie Sheridan and her new partner take the newsletter - as I sit back, relaxing while no longer producing a publication for editors (you are an intimidating audience!).

This month's newsletter is quite short as we all gear up for the AGM in a couple of weeks, so I will keep this short too. I just wanted to say a last thank you to all our readers and letter-writers - especially those of you who sent us ideas for content, and those who filled out the recent Editors Victoria member survey - there was so much incredibly useful feedback in there. I encourage anyone who's even vaguely thinking about getting involved in the Editors Victoria committee to do so - there are so many things to do and there is definitely a place for you!

I hope to see many of you at the AGM on Thursday 19 July.

Kirsten Rawlings
Newsletter Editor