Typos and Funnies of the Month

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Earlier in the year there was a minor outcry over a major signage faux pas at Myer. Perhaps their sign writers were still drunk on festive cheer at the time?

Speaking of sign writers under the influence, Twitter user @melburnian spotted this drunken atrocity earlier in January.

Meanwhile, Twitter user @pintadoguy was reading this copy of Siri Hustvedt's What I Loved, when she noticed this unfortunate typo in Siri's name.

More recently, HLM Colin Jevons sent us this picture of a plaque on the Vancouver Sun building. As Colin wrote, “You will note that the subject of the first sentence is the office tower. The second sentence talks about 'its publisher'. So apparently in Vancouver buildings have publishers.” How many other errors can you spot? (Click on the image for a larger size.)

Society member Philip Bryan was doing a search on stock photo site Shutterstock not too long ago when it threw up the following gem. Says Philip, “It's all a bit unfortunate, given the word being queried is actually the company name.”

Finally, while not strictly typos, we couldn't resist including the two photos below. The first was sent to us by Pete Symons, and needs no commentary:

And the second was sent to us by Society Events Officer Ali Lemer: