Society of Editors (Vic) is Getting a Facelift

We have some exciting news. We have undergone a radical facelift. For some time we've had this niggling feeling that our look and feel wasn't as great as it could be. It has served us well for a 40 years, but we wanted more. We wanted a bright, vibrant, functional website and new branding to take the society into  the future. Our website needed intuitive navigation and a three-second page load. We wanted something that yelled from the rooftops how fabulous editors are.

Introducing Editors Victoria
As of next week, Society of Editors (Victoria) Inc will have a new website, a new logo, a new newsletter and a new name.

For legal reasons we are officially still Society of Editors (Victoria) Inc but all our marketing materials will use our new name Editors Victoria. Our new website ( will be officially launching next week.
Why all these changes?
For some time we've known that in order to remain relevant to all areas of the publishing industry we were going to have to change. As the largest editorial society in Australia we've been doing exceptionally well, but maintaining the status quo is no longer good enough. Your committee has done a lot of work around our strategic direction and what we need to do to keep pace with the changes our industry is going through, and we need to change. Some changes, like our fantastic new logo, will be cosmetic and some changes, like the website, are about delivering value to our members. A lot of the changes are long-term projects and we have a way to go before you start to see that transformation.
What are the benefits?
Editors Victoria now has branding that is relevant, targeted and contemporary. It has a logo that embraces both print and digital editing. We have a website that does exactly what we need it to do with the option to expand functionality as we grow. Our newsletter is now more flexible and, well, damn attractive. You'll now be able to make online bookings through rather than having to log onto a separate site. We'll have new brochures, available to members, which will be rewritten and redesigned to better represent editors and Editors Victoria.
Did we really need a new website? Isn't that costly?
Our website was not delivering the functionality we needed it to. When we built the website we didn't have 600 members to manage. We've consistently had problems with functionality, clunky systems for updating content and were restricted in what we could do within the structure. The added complication of maintaining two separate gateways to enable online bookings and membership registration management was not realistic. In effect, we had three volunteers working on two separate systems trying to make them sync.

The new website offers much more scope for functionality and has been tailor-made to suit our needs. We have room to add on other services (eg an online shop) in the future if we want to. Our website cost us approximately $12,000. This was money Editors Victoria had budgeted for in our 2011/12 budget and that budget was presented to members for approval at the 2011 annual general meeting.
Change makes me uncomfortable. Is it really necessary?
It's going to take some time to remember that we have a new website address and to stop searching for the red and teal swooshes on our emails and newsletter, but we do believe that the changes we have made are positioning us in the best possible way to deliver the professional and representative face that our members and our industry needs.

Change does take time to get used to, but it didn't take us long to fall in love with the new logo and the ease of navigating around the new website. We hope you will too and invite you to send us any feedback to
You mentioned further change. What are you working on?
Editors Victoria's annual strategy day is happening again in April. We will be assessing our priorities and what we think are realistic targets for the 2012-13 period. We'll be looking at everything from how we work with IPEd to how the committee functions as a whole and whether it is delivering the services our members need. We always need help, so if you would like to get involved (whether with the committee in general or on a smaller project) please email  
You're right. Who should I thank for this fantastic new look?
Your committee has been working really hard on the rebranding. Major thanks go to Irina Fainberg for leading the website project along with subcommittee members Ali Lemer, Liz Steele and Melanie Dankel, all of whom also worked on the rebranding. Thanks to the committee for their input on the logo and website look and function. Thanks to Kirsten Rawlings and Melanie Sheridan for work on the new newsletter.
What do I do now?
Head on over to and check it out!

Melanie Dankel
Immediate Past President