Mentoring as preparation for Accreditation Exam

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by Maryna Mews

Are you thinking of sitting for the next accreditation exam? 

It is scheduled for August 2020, but it’s not too early to start your preparation and study.

There are many ways of undertaking this. One of them is through joining a mentoring program and getting the benefit of one-on-one guidance. 

The IPEd Mentoring Program for editors, originally piloted by the Canberra Society of Editors, offers the opportunity for members of any societies or associations of editors to improve their editing skills with professional oversight and feedback from experienced editors. Mentoring is where one individual provides support, encouragement and advice to another, based on their knowledge and life and experience relative to the mentoring theme. It provides a two-way learning experience for both mentor and mentee, which can encourage deep satisfaction and numerous benefits in many personal, career, organisational and developmental areas.

The IPEd Mentoring Program is aimed at editors at all levels, for example: editors entering the profession; editors preparing for accreditation; people returning to the profession after time off; editors with any level of experience who want to brush up their skills or move into a new area of editing; editors who have accepted a job which is outside their usual area of expertise.

There are many topics that can be the subject of a mentorship.

The program brings benefits to the editing profession by increasing members’ skills. This, in turn, helps safeguard the reputation of the profession as a whole. 

If you would like to learn more about the program, contact the Victorian Coordinator, Maryna Mews,

(Ref: IPEd Mentoring Program Guidance Notes, February 2019)