From the president

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by Susan Keogh DE

Sometimes your life can change very quickly. One week you’re a freelance editor, sorting receipts for GST, updating your blog, reminding clients that you’re available for work; the next week, you’ve turned into a peak-hour commuter, squeezing into trains and trams with your packed lunch, and having an IT department on call to solve your technical problems (although they can’t help when you lose your phone). That’s been my life over the last few weeks, and I’d like to thank the rest of the committee for stepping up and dealing with the necessary tasks while I have disappeared into a vortex of interviews and then exhaustion from the necessary but overwhelming inductions, training and e-learning opportunities (are those platforms Workplace and Salesforce, or Workforce and Salesplace ...?)

A wise freelancer once said to me many years ago that it is useful for all freelance editors to try to work in-house after a number of years flying solo, to see how things are done on the other side of the fence (or the computer screen). I think I’d add to that it is also useful for in-house editors to work freelance for much the same reason. The beauty of our profession is that we can perform the same work in both settings, changing as our own circumstances require. (My sister, a research scientist, is envious, not being able to pack her lab and take it her home with her.) While making that switch between in-house and freelance (or vice versa) is one way to update and extend your skills, the many and varied activities we try to offer you as your state branch help you achieve the same goals. This month in particular, with the Editing Diverse Voices professional development session, our second networking event primarily (but not exclusively) for in-house editors and our dinner event with award-winning designer Pooja Desai, there are a number of opportunities for both personal development and just the pleasure of socialising with those who understand the demands of our work, whether they are currently freelance or in-house. I hope to see you at one of them.