Professional Development Officer's report: Maryna Mews

[Delivered by Jane Fitzpatrick as Maryna Mews was unable to attend]

In the past year, the work of the Professional Development subcommittee has been greatly enhanced by the work of first-time committee members, Jane Fitzpatrick and Claire Kelly, who joined Michelle Manly and myself.

In the last 11 months, the subcommittee met five times and eight workshops were run. No workshops were held in April and May because pre-conference workshops were held before the conference and there was an extensive conference program.

Workshops are developed so that training covers the following areas: editing skills, software and technology, and business skills. New workshops are mounted both for the lifelong learning component of professional development and in order to provide opportunities for AEs who need to maintain their accreditation. We are also aware of the need to provide workshops for new members, who may also be new to the editing profession.

The subcommittee looked very closely at members’ training needs via feedback from courses and communication with members. Despite having an extensive list of prior courses and trainers, in the past year we focused on developing new courses. This work is particularly time-consuming as it involves extensive research to source trainers, and much communication with them as they need to be thoroughly briefed. So, it has been a real bonus to have such a rich depth of ideas on the subcommittee, and willing hands for the work. We were also able to do more publicity and promotion than in previous years. This has helped in our obtaining excellent numbers of registrations, with many courses being sold-out, often during the early-bird period.

Except for the advanced grammar course, all of the following workshops were new.

In the 2018–2019 year the following courses were held:

• Plain English with Philip Bryan
• Advanced Grammar for Editors with Glenys Osborne
• The Freelance Editors’ Toolkit with Peter Riches
• Academic Editing with Renée Otmar; Know Your Sentence with Glenys Osborne
• Narrative Non-fiction Editing with Nadine Davidoff
• Expand Your Word Power with Kevin O’Brien
• and, just last night, a PerfectIt Q&A webinar was held with Hilary Cadman. It was available to everyone and was also taken up by interstate members.

The subcommittee has also assisted the President and branch committee with other projects such as drafting a Position Description for the Administration Officer. It also mounted a proposal and drafted guidelines for a Student Representative for the branch committee.

The subcommittee is grateful for the assistance of former Administration Officer, Nicole Mathers, who continues to assist when she can, despite no longer being in that role. We would also like to acknowledge our fellow branch committee members.

On my part, I would like to thank Michelle, Jane and Claire, my subcommittee members. Your support both personally and professionally has been invaluable.

I also need to talk about Mentoring as I am the IPEd Victorian Mentoring Coordinator, and that’s part of my portfolio. Two mentoring relationships were completed in the past year and two are currently ongoing. Since the conference, the National Coordinators have run two mentoring workshops and plan to run a further two in the next few months. I thank them for their assistance and support. All persons interested in becoming mentors or receiving mentoring are welcome to the workshops. They are also most welcome to contact me with enquiries about the program.

Professional Development Officer Maryna Mews

ABM Jane Fitzpatrick

Jane Fitzpatrick at the ABM. Photo: Marie Pietersz