Communication Officer's report: Margie Beilharz

[Delivered by Susan Keogh, as Margie Beilharz was overseas in Cornwall]

The Communication team has been Margie Beilharz, Bridget Blair, Helen Efthimiou and Danielle Vecchio. We managed to divide and conquer with each of us taking on tasks of interest:

• Margie oversaw the team, tweeted occasionally and contributed tips and tricks and other articles to the newsletter.

• Bridget took over the Facebook page, which had earlier been managed by Susan Pierotti and Margie.

• Helen Efthimiou organised interviews with editors and even an indexer for the newsletter.

• Danie contributed etymologies and a book review.

Our Facebook and Twitter audiences are growing, and particularly Facebook has followers interested in job posts and other articles.

The newsletter has continued to be well regarded, both by Editors Victoria members and interstate editors. Margie resigned from this paid position in February, and Marie Pietersz has taken over in a temporary capacity. We look forward to advertising for a new editor soon.

Special thanks, as always, to Cass Ball for her proofreading, and to all the other contributors of articles, news and snippets.

We look forward to the IPEd communications working group developing formal terms of reference (being drawn up now), and increased future cooperation in communications activities across the branches.

Outgoing Communication Officer Margie Beilharz