Vice President's report: Susan Pierotti

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Freelance lunches report 

Four freelancers’ lunches were held, on 25 September and 29 November 2018 and 21 March and 24 June 2019. As in previous years, they have been held on different days of the week to try to accommodate editors’ varying circumstances. We continue to meet at The Fitz Café in Fitzroy as it is a central location with public transport, and the food is good. They are also generous regarding split bills.

Around 60 editors in total have attended over the last 12 months and the lunch attracts quite a few budding editors, probably because it is a safe environment to check out the industry. Many friendships have begun here.

Topics for discussion have ranged from tips for marketing, pricing, business strategies and how to encourage students to join our vibrant Editors Victoia community, academic editing (just how much help should you give a student whose native language isn’t English?), family and oral history, internships, the conference, and EdVic training.

Special Projects Officer's report

This role was instituted to implement a process for producing a book to record and celebrate Editors Victoria’s history for its 50th anniversary in 2020. That leaves under a year to get it to publication stage.

• One option is to employ a historian to produce a hardback coffee-table book with many images. However, the location of the archives is as yet unknown and there are so few images from the early days available, making a historian’s job untenable, and the costs of producing such a book would be prohibitive.

• Another option is to produce a good quality paperback containing interviews with living members, interspersed with whatever archives may be found. It would be far less expensive to produce and therefore more attractive to buy.

• Another idea, as Editors Victoria was instrumental in establishing the editing course at RMIT, is to involve the students in that course to write the history (as part of their course work), which will open up these students to working relationships with editors (more employment opportunities for our members) and encourage them to sell to their contacts (more sales). An important advantage is that we will pay next to no costs as RMIT has its own publishing press (Bowen St Press).

Feelers were sent out to possibly interested members to form a working party. One expected to be paid to be on it, others objected to the concept of a book at all. Quote: ‘Why are we spending money on such a thing when we need to conserve costs?’

Editors Victoria owns the copyright to Editors in Conversation. The latest plan is to reproduce these volumes with additional interviews from current editors. This would be the most cost-effective way to produce a record of the last 50 years of Australia’s oldest society for editors.

Vice President Susan Pierotti

ABM Susan Pierotti

Susan Pierotti at the ABM. Photo: Marie Pietersz