Committee Members 2019-2020

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Announcement from the President:

As my much longer report for the ABM on the year that was is also contained in this issue, I’ll keep this very brief. I just wish to thank Max McMaster for being our honorary Returning Officer at the ABM, and all those who came.

A new committee was duly endorsed for the Victorian branch for the coming year:

Susan Keogh (President)

Susan Pierotti (Vice-President)

Sharon Lierse (Secretary)

Marnie Hannagan (Budget Officer)

Bridget Blair (Communications Officer)

Maryna Mews (Professional Development Officer)

Marie Pietersz (Events Officer)

Jane Fitzpatrick (PD subcommittee)

Claire Kelly (PD subcommittee)

Michelle Manly (PD subcommittee)

Michaela Skelly (Communications subcommittee)

As we are a little underweight for subcommittee members, the new committee co-opted former member Sally McInnes at the conclusion of the evening (as an Events subcommittee member).

President Susan Keogh DE 

ABM Max McMaster

Returning Officer Max McMaster at the ABM. Photo: Marie Pietersz