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Welcome to your August newsletter.

We're already into our last month of winter, of cosy fires and warm dinners, and all too soon it will be the smell of spring in the air when September rolls around again.

July was a significant month for Editors Victoria members as it was time to farewell its 2018-2019 committee and welcome the new 2019-2020 one to start its annual cycle in office this month. The formal process of announcing and endorsing new committee members took place at the annual branch meeting on 18 July, details of which are posted elsewhere in the newsletter.

An important event that will draw members' attention this month is the Melbourne 2019 Writers Festival, when leading national and international authors, artists, thinkers and performers all plan to be in the one place at the one time. The festival will be held in the heart of Melbourne city from 30 August to 8 September and from what I hear, many members have marked the dates off in their calendars and are planning to attend.

With many incentives to do things differently as a branch and in partnership with the national office, and given budget constraints and trending online systems and processes, members will see changes to how committee meetings, training and events are delivered. Previews and discussions on initiatives proposed so far are very exciting and to embrace new opportunities presented by a changing work environment is to succeed and grow. Ideas are being refined, with the Victorian branch kicking off as the first state to host an online international members' event in early September, other states following suit every two months. More to come on this peek into our future (information elsewhere in the newsletter).

And so it was; out with the old and in with the new (committee, I mean), but not without due recognition and appreciation for the hard work of the outgoing committee.

As for the new committee members, they are ready to start work on a game-changer year, first meeting, an online one, already held on Thursday 25 July when some of the first decisions for the new committee year were made. 

It's a big issue this month and lots of information to digest from all the reports of the 2018–2019 committee, but there are some pictures to hopefully lighten your reading experience.

Have a great August ... stay warm ...

Marie Pietersz

0412 296 827