February 2019

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23 February: ‘Know your sentence’ with Glenys Osborne – booked out

16 March: ‘Narrative nonfiction’ with Nadine Davidoff – bookings open

8–10 May: 9th National IPEd conference ‘Beyond the Page’ – draft program now available

22 June: ‘Expand your Word power’ with Kevin O’Brien


Tips and tricks: Tabs for Word time saver

by Bridget Blair

Do you find yourself with multiple Word documents open while you work? There may be a style sheet, an author brief, a formatting template, plus several chapters of manuscript for cross-referencing. Every time you need to check one of these documents, you have to move the cursor to the Word symbol on the task bar at the bottom, wait for the docs to pop up, move your cursor to the right one and click to open. Or continuously alt-tab to scroll through them all. Recently I was working on a series of cookbooks which had seven reference documents, including ready reckoners for converting measurements (weight, volume, oven temperatures, etc.), and I had to swap between them constantly. All that extra mousing added up to a lot of time and wrist strain, and it was driving me mad. Why, I thought, can’t Microsoft use a system of tabs, like internet browsers and Adobe products do?

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World wide web

While Adobe sets the standard, Adobe Acrobat Pro is not the only program you can use for editing PDFs – and many alternatives are cheaper. This article in PC World discusses what you should look for in a PDF editor, and reviews a handful.

Typo of the month

Love the use of 'quotation marks' in this window display, as spotted by Fleur Taylor.

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