Day trip to Cow Cow, Foster

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Chat in the Secret Editors’ Business Facebook group (for IPEd members) has got some of us planning a day trip to Editors Victoria member Anne Roussac-Hoyne’s new café, Cow Cow, in Foster. Yes, in Gippsland.

Why? To meet up with other editors, have a fun day, and have the chance to try some of Cow Cow’s French pastries (or is that just me?). Maybe even drop in to see Anne’s gallery next door – she seems to be taking over Foster!

How? Well, it’s a long way so car-pooling from Melbourne would be the go, although people can come from places other than Melbourne too, of course. Any further arrangements will have to be made when we get some takers and choose a date.

When? Perhaps on the weekend of 23–24 March. Or a weekday may suit better.

What next? Contact Margie Beilharz on if you’re interested and we’ll see what we can organise.