New course now open: ‘Editing narrative non-fiction’

with Nadine Davidoff

10am–1pm, 16 March 2019

This workshop will equip editors with the necessary skills to confidently assess narrative non-fiction writing.

We will examine the key concepts of successful non-fiction – such as voice, narrative propulsion, clarity, colour and cohesion – and discuss how to frame your response so that a writer may develop these essential elements in their work.

We will look at exemplary examples of the craft, drawn from a wide range of authors, and critique writing that falls short of these benchmarks. In formulating our responses to these texts, we will be guided by the following such questions:


  • What is the work about – and is this shown or told?
  • Does the work have an emotional through-line?
  • Where does the tension lie?
  • Does the work have a strong sense of place – how is this conveyed?
  • Is there a good balance between scene and summary?
  • Does the work convey the writer’s distinctive ethos and sensibility?
  • Is the work compelling and propulsive?


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About the trainer

Nadine Davidoff is a freelance book editor and writing/editing teacher with extensive trade publishing experience. She has worked as a Senior Editor at Random House and a Commissioning Editor at Black Inc.

Nadine has taught in RMIT’s Professional Writing and Editing course and she teaches the annual Fiction Editing Masterclass in Melbourne University’s Masters of Publishing program.

Since 2015, she has taught the three-day masterclass as part of the ACT Writers’ Centre Hard Copy program.