Who's who in 2018–19

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The 2018–19 committee and staff, and their new email addresses, are below.

Executive committee

President: Susan Keogh – edvic.president@iped-editors.org
Vice-President: Susan Pierotti – edvic.vp@iped-editors.org
Budget: Marnie Hannagan – edvic.budget@iped-editors.org
Communication: Margie Beilharz – edvic.communication@iped-editors.org
Conference Convenor: Renée Otmar – conference2019@iped-editors.org
Events: Marie Pietersz – edvic.events@iped-editors.org
Professional Development: Maryna Mews – edvic.profdev@iped-editors.org
Secretary: Charles Houen – edvic.secretary@iped-editors.org


Accreditation Board Delegate: Katie Lawry – edvic.ab@iped-editors.org
IPEd Councillor: Susan Keogh – cr.edvic@iped-editors.org

Subcommittee members

Communication: Bridget Blair, Helen Efthimiou, Danielle Vecchio
Events: Annie Collins, Sally Holdsworth
Professional Development (mentorship and training): Michelle Manly, Jane Fitzpatrick, Claire Kelly


Administration officer: Nicole Mathers – edvic.admin@iped-editors.org
Newsletter editor: Margie Beilharz – edvic.news@iped-editors.org
Website manager: Paul Bugeja – edvic.web@iped-editors.org