From the committee: September meetings

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by Margie Beilharz

In a burst of energy following the AGM, the committee met twice in September in order to get things up and running for the coming year. The final committee positions and subcommittee membership were reported earlier in this newsletter, along with our new IPEd email addresses.

Our second September meeting was a video (or phone) meeting over Zoom, which worked well and saved a fair bit of travelling. President Susan Keogh’s enthusiasm in her new role was such that she was keen to meet monthly, but the committee decided to keep our meetings to every two or three months so as to not overwork the members of the busier subcommittees. We set a date of 27 November for the next committee meeting, with future dates to be confirmed depending on branch events.

The committee did support another idea of Susan’s: Vice-President Susan Pierotti, whose skills fall very much in this area, agreed to take on the additional (volunteer) position of special projects officer. In that role, she will coordinate activities leading to the production of a history of Editors Victoria, which began as the Society of Editors (Victoria). Her first step will be to produce a scoping document and put forward a business case for the project. 

Clearly this will involve quite a lot of work, so we are calling for interested members who’d like to contribute to the project. If you have experience producing a history like this, all the better. Please contact Susan Pierotti at  if you can offer your time and skills in a project subcommittee.