Exam time, a date for the conference, editors meet-ups and PDF mark-ups

Best wishes to all those who will be tackling the accreditation exam on 19 May – around 17 in Victoria and 90 nationwide. We look forward to having a new bunch of AEs in our ranks.

We’re also looking forward to next year’s 2019 IPEd conference – read on for the date! And there are plenty more dates: member meetings (the next one on contracts), informal gatherings, training courses – we’re a busy mob. 

This month we review a grammar book that owes its existence to Donald Trump (which totally makes sense when you think about it), we farewell Steph and welcome Katie as our Accreditation Board representative, we help you ensure your client doesn’t miss your PDF mark-up, and we introduce you to the rule of ablaut reduplication (which you already know).

Have a great month,

Margie Beilharz
Newsletter Editor