A note from the president

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by Renée Otmar, HLM, DE

Welcome to April! It’s my favourite (birthday) month, and its proximity to a certain long weekend is a boon for chocolate lovers.

For me, 2018 announced itself as a busy year right out of the blocks – pretty much as soon as the din of New Year’s fireworks stopped ringing in my ears. Not that I minded. Given all the exciting events, projects and plans on personal, family and organisational calendars, I’ve been pleased to get stuck into it.

Professional development is often high on the agenda for our organisation, and first up for me was preparation and delivery of a training day for assessors who will be marking this year’s Accreditation Exam. Eighteen of us converged in Melbourne in early March, and we had a blast together in this rare opportunity to meet and discuss the exam in person. Workshops, webinars and other opportunities are being offered to help prospective candidates to prepare for the exam, which is to be held on 19 May.

A further five training courses are on offer through our branch before the end of the financial year, plus an evening event focusing on managing your tax. I hope you’ll take advantage of these excellent and cost-effective opportunities for professional development.

On a different note, I’d like to thank the many people who, upon hearing that I’d become president (again), sent me those kind messages by email, text and Facebook – what a fantastically warm welcome!

Welcomes are not the only things that are warm, of course, but I hope you’ll agree that the seat of president should not be one of those.

To this end, I have set myself the personal goal of supporting emerging leaders in the editing profession, and I would like to invite you to contact me if you are interested in taking on a leadership role – locally or nationally – in the near, medium or distant future. I am very much looking forward to hearing from you.

My plan is to host a couple of intimate get-togethers over the course of the year to discuss a range of leadership-related topics. While the main purpose is to focus on succession planning for our branch committee, the best leadership skills are those that are transferable across work, career and life contexts, and I hope we will be able to share our insights for broad and mutual benefit.

Renée Otmar, HLM, DE
0409 792 799