Freelance lunching at the Fitz

by Margie Beilharz

FreelanceLunch 28Mar2018 1

For a group of self-confessed introverts (at my end of the table anyway), the lunching freelance editors certainly enjoyed getting together for a good chat last Wednesday 28 March at the Fitz. The pictures are the proof; apologies to the missing table (and a reminder to myself to slow down and let the camera focus next time). The group of 15 included editors from country Victoria and the outer suburbs, and a mixture of new members and stalwarts. 

I was sitting with some of the newer members, and our chat very much carried on from the 'Finding work' topic of the evening panel discussion held in February (reported on in the March newsletter). What was interesting was the range of completely different backgrounds, which not only influence where we can best find work but also our pathways to becoming an editor.

FreelanceLunch 28Mar2018 2