Regional editors and interest groups, we want to help you!

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by Nicole Mathers

We realise that regional members can find it hard to get to Editors Victoria events in Melbourne, and also that some editors would like more opportunities to meet up with colleagues, either in specialist groups or just for a catch-up.

Already going strong is the Gippsland editors group, whose latest report is below. A group from north-east Victoria had a few meetings in recent times, and a group of science editors meets regularly for lunch and a chat. Also, Maryna Mews is looking for people interested in catching up occasionally in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs – see her notice in this newsletter.

We love the connections being made, and the support given and received, in these informal meetings of our members. If you would like to create your own networking event, at a time and place that suits you, Editors Victoria is here to help.

You might want to discuss the upcoming IPEd Accreditation exam, have coffee or lunch with freelance editors in your area or meet up for after-work drinks. Put the feelers out and you might be surprised how many like-minded editors live near you.

We can help by setting up the event to take registrations (which can be free) via the IPEd member portal, promoting it in the newsletter, and sending notices and reminders to the branch membership and attendees.

All you need to do is book a venue and a date and write us a short blurb about your event. Any event notices received by the 22nd of the month can be included in the next month’s newsletter. And if you can take a pic and send in a report of your fabulous meet-up for the following newsletter, all the better.

If you’d like our help to organise and publicise an event, please email me at  with the details of your event.

Nicole Mathers
Administration Officer