Training: The What, When, Why, Who and How

Training is a crucial part of the services that Editors Victoria provides its members; it’s also a major part of our budget. Your professional development subcommittee (Maryna Mews, Michelle Manly and Steph Heriot) has arranged courses for the first half of 2018 to meet the training needs of our members, the majority of whom are freelance. In any training year we aim to cover general editing, technical, business and specialty skills.

February–June Training Courses

The greatest training demand is for general editing, at introductory and advanced levels, so we are running three grammar and proofreading courses. Glenys Osborne will deliver full-day grammar courses on 17 February (Introductory) and 16 June (Intermediate). Susan Keogh will deliver an intermediate proofreading course on 21 April. We plan to run advanced editing skills courses later in the year. Glenys and Susan are both experienced editors and teachers.

Our immediate past-president, Jackey Coyle, will run Dance Steps for the Self-Employed Editor on 12 May. This is a fun-filled workshop in business skills.

Technical and specialty skills are covered in two brand-new courses. On 3 March, Kate Cuthbert, managing editor of Escape Publishing (and our former events officer), will run a half-day workshop on fiction genre editing, something our members have been requesting for a long time.

To round out the half-year, Philip Bryan will deliver a half-day course on typography and readability on 30 June. This subject had an airing at last year’s IPEd national conference and provoked much interest.

Accreditation Exam Preparation

2018 is the year of the biennial accreditation exam, so we are also running an information night and workshop in preparation.

Our IPEd Accreditation Board delegate, Steph Heriot, in association with the events team, will run an evening event with light refreshments to give people the lowdown on the exam in time for them to consider taking advantage of the earlybird registrations, which close on 5 April. Registrations for the exam close on 21 April.

Susan Keogh will run a half-day, skill-building workshop on 7 April, which will help members to prepare for the exam.


We are pleased to report that feedback from participants about the trainers and the content of the last two courses of 2017 – From Word to InDesign with Lan Wang, and the Punctuation Refresher with Ann Philpott – was excellent. We encourage members, intending members and associates of fellow organisations to enrol in the courses scheduled for 2018.

Also, your committee members would love to receive comments on the training program and suggestions for future courses. We hope also to look at webinar courses and courses in alternative formats. We are a small, friendly subcommittee who would welcome new members, particularly someone willing to take on the role of training officer.

The full details of all training courses for the first six months of the year will shortly be on the Editors Victoria website with attractive earlybird booking discounts. Non-members and members of affiliated organisations are also welcome to register for our courses.

Maryna Mews
Professional Development Officer