Excitement is building for many of us, as the IPEd conference in Brisbane is only a couple of weeks away. Particularly excited will be the 30 or so keen Editors Victoria members who replied with ‘Get me to Brizzy’ before the deadline; they'll be receiving a nice subsidy of around $160 from Editors Victoria to help cover their conference costs.

In this newsletter, we have our final conference update and an advert from conference gold sponsor Capstone Editing that will interest academic editors looking for more work. If you can’t make it to Brisbane, you can still access some of the sessions online – details of the pay-to-view registration are below.

The IPEd annual general meeting (AGM) will take place at the conference (IPEd sent an email with the details on 23 August). We encourage all financial professional or honorary life members (both at the meeting or by other means) to vote on a motion that Editors Victoria has put up. The motion is for a change in the constitution that will help us manage our money for the benefit of our members. We explain what it’s about below.

The Editors Victoria AGM on 17 August was a great night, if you don’t count all the wrong answers my table decided on in the trivia quiz (with plenty of ‘help’ from me). Congratulations to the Red team on winning the night. I’m sorry I don’t have all your names, but you know who you are!

The business of the night included reports from the various office-holders and dealing with the avalanche of nominations for the committee and subcommittee roles. Just kidding! At the end of the night our committee was looking remarkably small – excellent for those who like the idea of a dictatorship, not so good for a member organisation that values a diversity of ideas and runs mostly on volunteer input.

We do have some new recruits, including some who expressed interested on the night, but we are still seeking a few more members to join the executive and subcommittees – and someone to take on the role of president. We’re meeting on Monday 4 September to see where we are at, and to allocate roles. If you’d like to contribute, even if you can’t make the meeting, please contact Nicole at and let her know how you’d like to use your talents.

We start this newsletter with a brief overview of the AGM and trivia night, then get into the AGM portfolio reports. After the IPEd conference updates, we have a Q&A with Naomi Saligari, a report on the most recent Gippsland editors meeting and our other regular items.

I look forward to seeing who’s volunteered to join the committee on 4 September, and also to meeting many of the sizeable Victorian contingent at the conference. Have a great month.

Margie Beilharz
Newsletter Editor