Communication Report

Margie Beilharz, Communication Officer

The Communication Team

Paul Bugeja began the 2016–17 year as communication officer, but left us a few months ago to move to Sydney. I took over the position then as a fill-in, but have volunteered to stay on in the role, in addition to editing the newsletter (which is a paid role, at 12 hours per month).

Other members of the comms team over the year have been:

  • Susan Pierotti, who regularly sends through information for sharing on social media
  • Sally Holdsworth, who has organised many book reviews and Q&A articles
  • Ruth Fluhr, who got a north-east Victoria editors group going and reported regularly
  • Natasha Saltmarsh, who contributed to both the events and comms subcommittees and provided a couple of great event write-ups.

And, not a member of the subcommittee but making a vital contribution, is Cass Ball, who proofreads the newsletter for me each month.

My thanks to all the team.


Our main activities are:

  • producing the newsletter – 11 issues a year, with lots of input from the team, the exec, Nicole with membership and often photos, IPEd from time to time, the 2017 conference committee, regional editors groups and many other EdVic members who have kindly answered Q&As, reviewed books, written articles about their activities and more. Thank you all for your contributions
  • social media – Facebook (where I got very excited about reaching 1000 likes) and Twitter (used less often)
  • updating the website – some content has been updated but we’re stuck with the system we have for now and are not wanting to spend a lot of money to really update it.

We did get some member feedback from a survey, which suggested members were generally happy with what we were doing. We’re always open to suggestions and input. For example, we lost our Dear Ed column in the newsletter, which many did enjoy, and would happily take another regular column from some editor keen to share their thoughts.

How Have We Done This?

We’ve had a couple of meetings over the year, including a planning meeting that included Jackey Coyle, but most of our coordination has been by email – driven largely by the newsletter. We’ll get together again soon, with the new subcommittee members, and make some plans for the next year of communication for Editors Victoria.