IPEd Report

Renée Otmar, IPEd Councillor (Victoria)

I joined the IPEd Council three months ago as Victoria's Councillor, and so this report is necessarily short and sweet. This has been a year of consolidation for IPEd, with the staffing team now well established and new data management systems being bedded down. The financial reports have been audited and are ready for presentation to the members at IPEd's AGM, to be held at the IPEd conference in September. Council has finalised its three-year strategic plan and an implementation plan for the next 12 months; both will be launched at the AGM and will appear on the website shortly.

The strategic plan sets out the priorities and activities considered critical to our future as an association. Please take the time to read these documents and consider how you might contribute towards our collective success by supporting the measures being rolled out this year. Members who are not able to attend the AGM in person will be able to lodge a vote prior to the meeting and may join the AGM by livestream – keep an eye out for the email notice for details.

Several other important meetings are to be held at, or in conjunction with, the conference, including meetings of Council, the Accreditation Board and several groups and committees. It is a terrific opportunity for these collaborative groups that usually meet by teleconference to meet face to face. Looking forward to seeing you all there!