Report from the President

The rose-tipped clouds outside my window signal the end of another day of words and work, as Melbourne’s radiant autumn sunshine wanes. But it’s also the beginning of the night and the delicious agony of indecision over which gig to go to – we Melburnians are totally spoilt for choice with our rich calendar of arts events.

Writing this piece signals not only the end of one month and the beginning of another but also a new phase in the history of Editors Victoria. We are preparing to farewell committee members who’ve become colleagues and friends as we worked together. And the flip side is that we’ll be welcoming new people to our team.

Last week our full committee of executive and subcommittee members met with a whopper agenda where we looked at the big picture, collecting our thoughts on strategy to share with IPEd in preparation for its face-to-face meeting of all branch councillors in Sydney at the end of May. Our newly formed conference subcommittee shared some ideas it’s been formulating for the 2019 national IPEd conference in Victoria – totally exciting!

Join the Committee

Here’s the part where we ask you to put up your hand – or someone else’s – to join our vibrant committee. Editors Victoria is our country’s oldest and largest society (now branch) of editors, and our member services form a blueprint for many of our national services. We make up more than one-third of IPEd membership, so the impact of your contribution is significant. Some officers will be ending their terms at our AGM on 17 August, so we’re calling on you, our multitalented members, to nominate yourself or someone else. You’ll be working with a highly skilled, inspired team, learning lots and gaining valuable experience, as well as sharing your own skills, knowledge and experience.

First, some practicalities. Executive committee officers (E) need to be full members but subcommittee members (S) can have any kind of membership. We’ve found that subcommittees work really well to spread the workload and brainstorm ideas. Committee meetings are held over dinner every two months, with alternate meetings for executive and full committees. Subcommittees meet when it’s appropriate; some monthly, some on demand. Committee members are entitled to discounts on events and training. Here are the positions we need to fill.

President (E) – I’m stepping down to spend more time travelling and, in general, lounging about.

Budget officer (E) – Charles Houen is taking a background role after a magnificent innings. He’s leaving this portfolio in great shape as its workload reduces with finance centralised under the IPEd finance officer. You’ll be well suited if you have some financial nous, but you don’t need to be a CPA. See the position description.

Budget subcommittee (S) – two people needed, to assist with agreed tasks.

Communication officer (E) – to oversee our web, print and social media presence. We thank Paul Bugeja as he jets off to Sin City after a brilliant stint. He’ll still be around as our website manager, and our newsletter editor Margie Beilharz has taken the reins until August.

Events officer (E) – We regretfully say bye and thanks to our outgoing officer, Kate Cuthbert, who needs to be spend time with her PhD, so we’re looking for someone to head up our team organising dinner meetings and liaising on other events.

Communication subcommittee (S) – one person needed, to join our subcommittee and help with agreed tasks.

Professional development officer (E) – This takes in training, accreditation and mentoring, so we’re looking for someone to oversee the portfolio and possibly take over as training officer.

Training officer/subcommittee (E and/or S) – Thanks to Ron Thiele, who’s taken the training portfolio up a level, and also Maryna Mews, who’s given valuable assistance. Our training portfolio is undergoing exciting changes as training develops in online as well as face-to-face formats. In addition, we have an Australia-wide pool of training opportunities with IPEd. We also need an assistant to help with the numerous tasks involved in presenting courses.

Please contact Nicole, our friendly admin officer, or any of us on the committee, for nominations or more info about where you can help.

Be well. Do good work.

Jackey Coyle