Can You Handle a Spreadsheet?

As Jackey mentioned, we’re seeking a volunteer to take up the budget officer role on the executive committee. This is just one of the many tasks Charles Houen has been doing for Editors Victoria, and is relatively simple (compared with some of his other duties, such as secretary and IPEd transition) for someone who can wrangle a spreadsheet.

The budget officer is responsible for developing the branch budget, based on input from the other portfolio officers of the executive committee.

The budget officer will be also responsible for:

  • checking that proposed and actual branch expenses are within the limits determined by the IPEd Delegated Financial Authority policy and the branch budget
  • submitting expense invoices and officer claims to the IPEd Finance Officer for payment. 

We have procedure guides for these processes.

If this role appeals, let Nicole know you’re interested. She can also send you the full role description.