Get Social

First, my thanks to Paul Bugeja, until recently our fabulous communication officer. Paul reinvigorated the society’s social media presence, an increasingly important facet of any organisation.

As usual, we’ve posted a string of editing jobs on our Facebook page over the past month. Interestingly, the jobs that had the greatest number of clicks through to the advert were two entry-level editorial assistant roles. Our page seems to be ‘liked’ by many emerging editors who are seeking to get into the profession.

In non-job posts, the one that reached the greatest audience was this post on a new freelance law in New York City designed to protect freelancers against non-payment.


On Twitter, our top tweet of the month was on another bugbear of freelancers: the old ‘well, I don’t have any money to actually pay you’ line. A UK survey had added up the money lost in this way:


Margie Beilharz
Communication Officer