IPEd National Mentoring Program: Introducing the Coordinators

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Who Are We?

We thought you might like to know what the current mentoring coordinators around Australia look like, with a bit of an update on each of them. A lot of our mentorships are interstate matches, which means that two coordinators are involved. It’s nice to have an idea of the person at the other end of the coordination. So, for this issue, we feature two of our state coordinators: Adele Walker in South Australia and Shannon Kelly in New South Wales. If you are looking for a mentor, or wanting to give a bit of time to mentoring someone in an aspect of editing (or anything related), and you live in either of those states, contact Adele or Shannon direct.

AdeleWalker Adele Walker AE has been a member of the Society of Editors (SA) since 2005 and is currently the membership secretary as well as the mentoring coordinator.
Adele works as a freelance editor and a translator of French to English. She is also a Hansard reporter at the Parliament of South Australia, part of a team preparing transcripts of parliamentary proceedings.
To contact Adele, email adeleanderson@aapt.net.au.
ShannonKelly Shannon Kelly works as a senior legal editor at Thomson Reuters. Prior to working full-time as an editor, he worked as a lawyer during the day and a freelance editor in the evenings. He enjoys genre fiction (speculative fiction in particular) and has a love of long novels with deep characterisation and creative magic systems.
Shannon has a bit of experience with starting off a career in editing in the 21st century, having completed his university degree in 2013. Perhaps someday there will be a clear path from tertiary to professional life for editors, but until that day he will be working to help young editors like himself.
To contact Shannon, email shannon.tyler.kelly@gmail.com.

Next time, we’ll feature two more state coordinators, but you don’t have to wait – here are all the other coordinators’ email addresses – they would like to hear from you:

Catherine Schwerin (WA) caschwerin@gmail.com

Roberta Blake (Qld) roberta.r.blake@gmail.com

Louise Zedda-Sampson (Vic.) mentorship@editorsvictoria.org

Sheelagh Wegman AE (Tas.) wegmans@internode.on.net

Geoff Dawson AE (ACT) geoffdawsoneditor@gmail.com

What Exactly Is Mentoring?

We were asked this question recently, so it became the theme of a talk. Geoff Dawson AE and Elizabeth Manning Murphy DE gave a talk on 22 February to members of the Canberra Society of Editors. We tried to answer this question and many others that members brought up. So what is it?

It’s a partnership between someone with knowledge and experience in a particular aspect of the editing profession that they are willing to share, and someone who needs guidance in that aspect of editing. It’s a two-way informal learning process, strictly confidential to the partners, and a great way to find out about improving skills or moving to a new area of the editing profession. This was almost an international event, with CSE members from ACT, NSW and even Antwerp in Belgium, contributing their thoughts, in person or by email, about the value of mentoring to both mentor and mentee. The evening is written up in this issue of The Canberra editor. We would be happy to present the talk again to any groups of editors who would like to hear more about the program first-hand. We can do it in person or by Skype. Contact Elizabeth (details below).

Elizabeth Manning Murphy DE emmurphy.words@gmail.com 
with Ted Briggs AE tedbriggs@grapevine.com.au 
Joint National Coordinators

The above articles were first published in The Canberra editor, volume 26, number 1, Feb/March 2017.

If you wish to know more about the program, please review the Mentoring Program Guidance Notes, or contact me directly at mentorship@editorsvictoria.org. I'm happy to answer any queries you have about being either a mentor or a mentee.

Louise Zedda-Sampson
Victorian Coordinator, IPEd National Mentoring Program