Report from the President

Autumn in Victoria – glorious. As we head into the second quarter of the calendar year, the shorter days and cooler nights give us the rest time we need now that the work year is well and truly underway.

Here at Editors Victoria we’ve had our second committee meeting for the year. As it was the first executive committee meeting, talk leaned heavily towards strategy and future direction. First, as always, what is it that we can do to best serve our Victorian members? Where do we align ourselves as a branch of a national body, yet as a proud independent force in the shaping of Melbourne, City of Literature? Our transition to a branch of IPEd has opened up new discussions and highlighted the differences in working as a volunteer organisation combined with national staffing.

We are looking forward to this year’s conference in Queensland. One of the things we’ll be doing there is presenting dates and venue for the 2019 national conference, which we’ll be hosting in Melbourne. We are forming a conference subcommittee, so please register your interest in contributing your talent, time and experience to make this a standout among standouts.

Our committee is due for a changing of the guard, with several portfolios becoming vacant between now and August. We’d love to hear from you about joining us! Not only is it a fun and worthwhile use of your talents but it looks great on your CV and you’ll also learn heaps as a vital part of the liveliest, oldest and largest society of editors in Oz. Please contact Nicole, our friendly admin officer, or any of us on the committee, for info about where you can help, whether you’re a social media guru, a budget whiz or a professional development pro.

Thanks to Vice-President Mary-Jo O’Rourke, who kept things moving during my overseas trip, and to the rest of our wonderful committee, who continue to strive to bring you value across all areas of your professional life.

See you at the April meeting! I’m looking forward to getting some expert insights into looking after the body at work. Not only will it enable my best work, but it will give me more energy for afterwards!

Be well.

Jackey Coyle