Message from the President

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¡Hola from Granada! Travelling around Spain for five weeks, immersed in the traces of so many cultures, my long-ago Latin lessons have come back to haunt me (in a good way). There’s nothing like being in a country where yours is the second language to make you think about your own language in another way. It may be similar to the phenomenon of being able to write best about a place when you’re somewhere else.

As IPEd beds down its processes and systems, one of the essential steps in becoming a truly national organisation is to open up two-way communication between staff and branches. This month will see a teleconference of staff, branch presidents and the board. I won’t be back in time, but Vice-President Mary-Jo O’Rourke is at the helm of Editors Victoria in my absence and will do us proud.

We have all diarised this year’s IPEd conference in Queensland, and maybe even registered and/or submitted ideas for sessions. At the same time, our committee is looking even further ahead: to the 2019 conference, which Editors Victoria is due to host. We’ll be discussing ideas for this, as well as the ever-evolving strategic matters to do with our branch status, at this month’s meeting of our executive committee.

In other news, Editors Victoria’s IPEd Councillor, Joely Taylor, has resigned and we are seeking a new councillor. We thank Joely for her service and great work on the IPEd Council, and ask members to consider this taking on this vital professional role. There are monthly IPEd Council teleconferences plus face-to-face meetings at national conferences. The position offers an honorarium as well as some training. Plus, the board experience looks great on your CV. Let me know if you’re interested.

Our wonderful committee members and staff continue to keep the wheels turning so your membership gives you exceptional value. Often this work goes on behind the scenes, without fanfare. I would like to thank our outgoing membership officer, Maryna Mews, whose portfolio became obsolete once the transition to IPEd occurred. However, she worked on membership matters even beyond the 30 June 2016 transition date – explaining to the new members who had tried to register with Editors Victoria what was happening and what they needed to do, and tidying up unprocessed membership applications. She also helped to make sure that the training set-up was correct, and she continues to offer help in 2017. Thank you, Maryna.


Jackey Coyle