Get Social: We’re Sharing Job Ads

Our Facebook page continues to grow and is fast becoming an eagerly watched channel for the jobs we hear about and post. For example, this broad-spectrum editor role went gangbusters on Facebook!


And it was just one of many job adverts we shared, ranging from entry-level editorial assistant roles at Cambridge University Press to the Editor of Slow Magazine (published by the Frankie people).

The latter job also became our top tweet of the past month – 30 people clicked through to see the details on Seek.

 Top Tweet

So stay social, eds, and keep your eyes on our Facebook and Twitter feeds for news about jobs and interesting articles we stumble across, and so you can engage with others about issues important to us and our profession. We have over 900 Facebook likes and over 1900 Twitter followers – a growing group of people interested in editing and Editors Victoria.