January 2017

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This was a big editing fail – on the front page of the Washington Post –  and one of our most popular Facebook posts over the last month.

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Among other snippets, we’ve also shared numerous job ads for editors over the last month. To keep up with happenings in the editorial world, follow Editors Victoria on Facebook @Editors Vic and on Twitter @EditorsVic.

Wanted: Freelance Editors for Parliamentary Reports

The Victorian Auditor-General’s Office (VAGO) is looking for Accredited Editors to help produce reports for the Parliament of Victoria. 

As an independent officer of Parliament, the Auditor-General carries out financial and performance audits of public sector agencies, across education, health, justice, infrastructure, transport, environment and local government, and reports to Parliament on the results of those audits. 


Editors of North-East Victoria (EDNEV) Freelance Lunch

The next Editors of North-East Victoria (EDNEV) Freelance Lunch will be held on Wednesday 22 March 2017 at the Yea Emporium MannaFest Cafe, 94 High Street, Yea. We’ll meet at 11.30am for a 12 noon lunch. For further information, contact Ruth Fluhr on 5790 8606.

Book Review: 'Effective Onscreen Editing'

EOE3 coverThe title of Geoff Hart’s book Effective Onscreen Editing (3rd edition) by no means conveys the full gamut of what this book contains. Indeed, it turns out be over 800 pages long, covering topics as diverse as how to securely transfer files, set pay rates and help your eyes focus, as well as the topics you would be expecting, such as how to manage macros, styles, templates, shortcuts and Track Changes (plus much more).

Geoff has many years’ experience as a freelance scientific editor and technical communicator. So he approaches the topic with a great deal of technical knowledge and also a realistic idea of how the editing process works. He says that he’s not aiming to teach how to use Microsoft Word, but to teach the ‘thought process involved in editing using a word processor’. In practice, however, the examples are based on Microsoft Word, given it is the default word processor of most editors, so you can certainly treat the book as a very detailed ‘how to’ for using Word.


World Wide Web: Language Usage Apps

If you edit on the go, you may be interested in an app version of Garner's Modern English Usage (note it is American usage). A recent article on the An American Editor blog reviews the app, and is particularly impressed with its discussion of 'the battlelines' in usage (this discussion is also in the print version, of course).

For British English, you can also get the Oxford A–Z of English Usage and Practical English Usage in app form.

What is out there for Australian English? Not sure about language usage, but the Macquarie Dictionary has a number of apps.


Typo of the Month

Typos in three actors' names in the credits of TV soap Neighbours were blamed on 'too many sherries'. Perhaps a similar reasoning (or at least a similar lack of proofreading) applies to some of the signs found in local pubs.

Typo footware Warrandyte Hotel