15 February Dinner Meeting: Commissioning, Genre Worlds and Non-traditional Paths to Publishing

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Angela Meyer refuses to be confined to one aspect of the literary world – writer, reviewer, festival chair, interviewer, consultant – and she brings all of her experience to her emerging role as commissioning editor of Echo (Bonnier Publishing Australia). In conversation with Kate Cuthbert, Editors Victoria Events Officer and Commissioning Editor for Harlequin Australia, Angela will discuss the popularity of genre fiction, non-traditional paths to publishing roles, the changing face of the writer/editor and exactly what time management skills she uses to live up to her bio.

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And our remaining dinner meetings for the year are already planned.

6 April Dinner Meeting: Our Bodies, Ourselves

Last year, we learned how to take care of our taxes. This year, let's focus on ourselves. Dr Claire Richardson from Chadstone Region Osteopathy will be joining us to talk about stress, work and the small changes we can implement to keep our laptop-using, small-text-reading, desk-chair-sitting, deep-thought-thinking bodies as healthy and as strong as possible.

14 June Dinner Meeting: Live FAQ

Grammar, punctuation, syntax: these are all problems editors deal with on a daily basis. But what about the trickier, stickier issues: resistant clients, unpaid invoices, unspecified briefs, special snowflake authors? The situations that just don't turn up in the Style Manual. Welcome to the Editorial Brainstrust, where not only will we invite highly qualified, highly experienced editors to answer any question, but we'll also open it up to your fellow editors and come together with suggestions and solutions to empower our members going forward.

17 August Dinner Meeting: AGM and Trivia Night

Yes, we'll have business to discuss, but then we'll reward ourselves – and the most trivially minded – with the return of trivia! Come as a team, come on your own, come and help shape your organisation for the future (and win prizes!).

18 October Dinner Meeting: Con-fidence

Flush with joy from IPEd biennial conference, let's get together and discuss how to get the most out of a conference. Want to be a speaker? Pitch a paper? Be on a panel? Or even just get the most out of being an attendee? Our speaker will share tips and strategies to take advantage of opportunities, grow your career and make the most of your network, so when IPEd conference 2019 comes around, you are armed and ready to attend with confidence.

30 November Dinner Meeting: Christmas Party 

Details to come.

Kate Cuthbert
Events Officer