Responses to Our Communications Survey

Over 80 members kindly replied to our October communications survey. The wide range of responses led us to some simple decisions around digital communications for Editors Victoria.

Key findings and conclusions include:

  • Our communication and social media activity need to consider our dual audiences – our editor members (and potential members) and those looking for editors.
  • We need to keep our communications (particularly the website and social media) fresh and active.
  • Not all our members use digital communication tools, particularly social media.
  • We should, as far as possible, minimise duplication of content across channels.

Following the survey and the feedback we received, the communication team is undertaking a full audit of our website to ensure it is as up-to-date and relevant as possible. At some point, budget permitting, we may be able to do some minor redevelopment of the site.

We will also be slightly amping up our social media activity and encouraging members to engage with us on social media. Although some members choose not to use Facebook and Twitter in their profession capacity, we still feel it is important to maintain and build our various social media profiles.

The newsletter will continue as usual, with some minor changes, such as ‘social media post of the month’ and the space left by the (sad, for some at least) retirement of ‘Dear Ed’.

We would love to hear from members about what you feel would be a great substitute for Dear Ed and also anything you might like to see in the newsletter that is currently missing. Please email me ( with any suggestions.

Thanks again to those who completed the surveys and for your valuable feedback.

Paul Bugeja
Communication Officer