December 2016

Kat Muscat Fellowship for Editors or Writers

Applications are now open for the 2017 Kat Muscat Fellowship, which offers support and development for a young writer or editor up to the value of $3,000 for an editorial project or work of writing by a young female-identifying or non-binary person. These funds may be used towards professional development opportunities, including, but not limited to, mentoring, residencies, interstate travel, or project fees.

More info at Applications close 15 January 2017.


Etymology: Cardigan

deriving from the Greek for 'true' (eteos/etymos) and 'word' (logos)

Curious about the origin of a word or term? Send it to us and we shall go forth and investigate.

Vneck Cardigan lores

I was not particularly happy when, at the last IPEd conference, David Astle selected ‘cardigan’ as the winning entry in a competition for the best collective noun for editors. More suited to librarians, I thought. But I'm coming around to it.


Typo of the Month

Michelle Manly spotted this unusual postage option when online shopping.

Free postage crop