If you are reading this, I’ve made it back to the (home) office after five days on the Great Victorian Bike Ride (if you’re not reading this, I may need to be collected from some roadside ditch – keep a look out for me). Away from the computer for five days! Thinking about how infrequently that happens spurred me to seek out some advice for keeping active while working, as most of us do, at our desk – you’ll find it in the World Wide Web article.

Just as editors around the state started to feel it was safe to put their heads above the parapet again, we’ve brought back our Q&A – this month we grill experienced editor/publisher/agent/educator Melanie Ostell.

Also in this issue: Jackey, our president, brings us good news on the Style manual; the website for next year's national IPEd conference is now live and open for expressions of interest; Louise and Ron update us on mentoring and training, respectively; Mary-Jo reports from the latest freelance lunch, and Ruth sets the date for the next EDNEV lunch. Plus a fellowship for young female-identifying editors or writers and the regular typo and etymology snippets.

If you read to the end of last month’s newsletter, you’ll have seen that Dear Ed has retired. My thanks to Dear Ed for eight years of contributions – loved by many of our readers.

This is the final newsletter for 2016. We don’t send one out on 1 January but will send the following one a bit early – around 20 January – to get us going again in the new year.

I look forward to seeing some of you at the Editors Victoria Christmas dinner tonight.

Best wishes and I hope you get to enjoy a holiday break.

Margie Beilharz
Newsletter Editor