December 2016


If you are reading this, I’ve made it back to the (home) office after five days on the Great Victorian Bike Ride (if you’re not reading this, I may need to be collected from some roadside ditch – keep a look out for me). Away from the computer for five days! Thinking about how infrequently that happens spurred me to seek out some advice for keeping active while working, as most of us do, at our desk – you’ll find it in the World Wide Web article.

Just as editors around the state started to feel it was safe to put their heads above the parapet again, we’ve brought back our Q&A – this month we grill experienced editor/publisher/agent/educator Melanie Ostell.

Also in this issue: Jackey, our president, brings us good news on the Style manual; the website for next year's national IPEd conference is now live and open for expressions of interest; Louise and Ron update us on mentoring and training, respectively; Mary-Jo reports from the latest freelance lunch, and Ruth sets the date for the next EDNEV lunch. Plus a fellowship for young female-identifying editors or writers and the regular typo and etymology snippets.


Message from the President

Ho, ho, ho – where has the year gone?

I write this the day after our final committee meeting for the year, where we continued to plan our strategy as a branch. We had much to discuss after seeing the results of our member surveys on communication and training (and we thank you for your valuable input!). Read on for the various portfolio reports to learn more about the many ideas our amazing volunteers have to enhance your membership.

Style Manual

I’m pleased that the federal Department of Finance is expected to announce the tender for the much-awaited production of the 7th edition of the Style manual in the first quarter of 2017. For many years we have been discussing the Style manual as a matter of some urgency, and a working group was formed before the national conference last year. Members were gradually added from Western Australia, South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland. IPEd's Style Manual Working Group now comprises some 14 editors.


New Members

We are pleased to welcome the members who have joined since our last report.

Associate members
Glenda McLean
Sian Ellett
Sandra Coia
Jessica Smith
Michael Craddock

Student member
Tyson Pink

Professional member
Christina Gerakiteys

Nicole Mathers
Membership Officer

8th IPEd National Editors Conference: Advancing Our Profession

13–15 September 2017, Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre

The conference website is now live and the call has gone out for papers. You can  express interest in attending, presenting a talk or workshop, or exhibiting. 

The deadline for expressions of interest in presenting is Monday 16 January 2017. Early bird registration will be open from 1 February to 31 May 2017.

More info at

Mentoring Update: New Mentors and Matches

It’s been a great few months in mentorship, with a lot of new interest in the program. In the past three months, three Victorian editors have been trained as mentors. In this time, Victoria has also had several new inquiries and four new mentee applications. Some of these potential mentees have already been matched with a mentor and, from what I hear, are already enjoying and benefiting from the program.

Some mentees have not yet been matched – hang in there! This matching business can take a bit of time. It is my role as mentorship coordinator to find a match that will suit both the mentor and mentee; it’s a considered process. But don’t worry – I’m getting to everyone.


The Monthly Q&A: Melanie Ostell

Melanie Ostell has worked in book publishing for more than 20 years – as an editor, publisher, consultant, literary agent and educator. A senior editor at Text Publishing for more than 10 years, she has since worked with all the major publishers and held publisher positions at UWA Publishing and Murdoch Books. She has led writing workshops across the country and taught at universities. She founded her editorial and production service Words to Book in 2015.

How has your month been?

My workload can vary hugely from day to day. Some days are full of meetings, lunches or coffees with people, some are purely editorial, some are spent reviewing contracts and some are tasked with general administrative work.

This past month has been extremely busy, which is always a good thing, especially if there’s a range of tasks. I teach the Towards Publication subject at RMIT and spent nearly a week reading and marking excerpts from students’ manuscripts-in-progress as part of their final assessment. I’ve also been prepping for a two-day Pitching Workshop for Writers Victoria.


EDNEV Freelance Lunch Summer Recess

Editors of north-east Victoria (EDNEV) participants, and intending participants, are advised that, due to the vagaries of the summer season – read high temperatures, the challenge of holiday road traffic, conflicting holiday schedules, increased risk of fire (heaven forbid!) and children in the throes of gloom at not being able to attend school – we are taking a breather.

The next EDNEV Freelance Lunch will be held on Wednesday 22 March 2017 at the Yea Emporium MannaFest Cafe, 94 High Street, Yea. We’ll meet at 11.30am for a 12 noon lunch. For further information, contact Ruth Fluhr on 5790 8606.

In the meantime, EDNEV members wish you all a safe and happy festive season!


November Freelance Lunch Report

This month’s freelance lunch, on a thankfully cooler but still humid late spring day, was another intimate gathering – we had a group of 11, including our president and a couple of new editors. The smaller numbers of recent lunches allow us to gather on one table and have more general and free-ranging conversation.

The main topic at this lunch was the transition to IPEd and what this means for Victorian editors, including the status of our Freelance Register, which will continue until at least the end of this year; the IPEd Editors Directory is expected to go live on 1 January 2017. Rates and quoting, the perennial questions, also arose, as did the state of the Irish diaspora and why it is that so many editors live in the Brunswick area.


Training Update

By the time you read this, our 13-course training program for 2016 will be completed: seven expert trainers delivering to over 160 participants. Congratulations to all involved for a highly successful program this year.

In November, we analysed the results of the training survey, and the survey report will shortly be on the Editors Victoria website for any further feedback people may wish to provide. The final report of the training review will be presented to the committee in early January in time to implement the findings in 2017. Congratulations to Trudi Ryan, Carolyn Leslie, Fiona Murphy and Andi Jones, who were the lucky winners of the $50 book voucher prizes.

Ron Thiele
Training Officer

World Wide Web

Stuck at the computer for hours on end? We know it’s not good for us – sitting is the new smoking, right? Here’s a video from the Better Health Channel with suggestions for office exercises. (Slightly un-PC, it does contain the term ‘buns of steel’ – you have been warned!)