Last month I experienced a side of editing quite alien to my normal freelance life – working in an office in the city full-time for a couple of weeks. Even though I was in the Pearson/Penguin building near Southern Cross station, I was not working in those offices but up on the 6th floor. It came to me, as I peered in the publishers’ windows, that working in a team of editors would be a different side of editing again. How much fun would that be!

I hope that today, being Melbourne Cup Day, is fun for all, even if the weather is unkind to big hats and fancy race wear.  In the spirit of newspaper astrologers (who assign so many different ‘lucky’ numbers that someone is bound to win) I thought I’d peruse the likely cup contenders in search of any editorially lucky ones.

So, here we go – lucky (or not!) horses* for editors:

Excess Knowledge – our knowledge? our authors’ knowledge? cutting excess words? It could be editorial.

Hartnell – his sire was Authorized, so he’s been officially signed off, right? Good to go.

Beautiful Romance – some of you edit them, some of you read them; this one’s for you.

Assign – when I conquer macros (see World Wide Web), I’ll assign my macros to keyboard shortcuts.

Qewy – no idea what that  means, but it’s undeniably a bit Qwerty.

Hope that helps you enjoy the day. But for better entertainment, read on for reviews of the Alice Pung dinner event and the Advanced Dance Steps training course, news from the regions, training updates, a timely etymology (trumpery), and a Dear Ed who has, sadly, finally cracked it.

Until next month,

Margie Beilharz
Newsletter Editor

*No horse-racing knowledge was applied in forming this list.