Message from the President

As we roll into November and the end of the year, our portfolios are metamorphosing – some are fading away, to be looked after at national level, and some are streamlining. 

Our committee can now regroup with a stronger sense of direction than when the outcome of the transition vote was uncertain, and we’re brainstorming ideas as we plan our future strategy, with the joint goals of protecting our heritage and delivering better and better member services.

Thank you if you’ve filled out our surveys recently. These offer crucial input as we take a helicopter view of our training and communications. We’ll be discussing these results at our final committee meeting for 2016 this month, as well as the best use of our funds as we finalise our donation to IPEd.

You can rest assured national membership is in good hands now, with our Nicole Mathers taking over membership at IPEd. Congrats, Nicole! Glad you’ll be continuing with us as our go-to admin gal.

Remember to book into our November freelance lunch and our Christmas event, which will be yet another brilliant get-together.

We’re looking for volunteers to help our events team. This is a great opportunity to build up your skills by working on our committee – and don’t forget that it enhances your CV no end. Love to hear from you – email me at

Be well.

Jackey Coyle