Advanced Dance Steps for the Self-Employed Editor, 15 October 2016: A Training Session Report

On a Melbourne tram heading in to Jackey Coyle’s six-hour advanced training session for self-employed editors, I was feeling I had made a bad mistake. Six hours. On a Saturday. It had been a really intense week.

But by the end of the day, what a different story. The course had been energising, inspiring and relevant. Phenomenally relevant, with enormous amounts of pertinent information, templates and references. This has to be one of the most effective, enjoyable and cheapest courses around. Six hours, all active time, with a master who knows how to share her distilled knowledge of the fundamentals on growing a freelance business. Value for money*, and I can say it is already one of the best professional development sessions I have done.

Of course, the full value will come after I have applied the personal action points I came away with, and after  I have re-read and digested the amazing amount of information Jackey shared with us. Yes, we came away with plenty to work on.

What makes the experience so brilliant is that Jackey modifies her extensive preparation to directly involve the six of us present. After initially clarifying what each of us was hoping to achieve from the day, Jackey then taught by discourse, asking questions and encouraging discussion that elicited our existing knowledge at each step in her plan for the day. There was a strong element of learning by the combined experience of all the participants, under the guidance of a master.

One section we didn't delve into was negotiating. But, as a result of the training session, I have decided I want to learn about negotiating, and I am hoping Jackey might consider creating a session based on this topic. If you agree that negotiating is a good topic, join me in lobbying Jackey for it.

Written course notes and references meant that, as well as our individual action points, we all left knowing where we could start looking for help at some later date. We got to know each other well too, and walked away with a new group of friends and colleagues.

If you are looking for a way to rejuvenate your business, find out when the next ‘Advanced Dance Steps for the Self-employed Editor’ session will be run. It’s really worthwhile.

Anne Gugger of Gugger Editing
Course participant

* $220 ($330 for non-members) While this may seem expensive to those freelance editors who still aren’t including professional development costs in their business budgets, it isn’t.