October 2016

AGM: Accreditation Board Report

Sandra Duncanson and I (Steph Heriot) joined the IPEd Accreditation Board roughly a year ago. We shared the role for a number of months, serving as the Victorian delegates. This required us to attend committee teleconferences every couple of weeks, an undertaking that was made more manageable by the fact that we were sharing the role.

As committee members, our main duty was to assist in the preparations for the 2016 accreditation exam, which took place in June. This required a lot of discussion as this was the first year that the exam was conducted on-screen. This was something that people had been requesting for a number of years, and 2016 was the first year it was implemented.


AGM: Events Report

The events subcommittee had a busy 12 months. We held five dinner meetings and one special supplementary event. We also partnered with the Melbourne Writers Festival to sponsor a masterclass, as part of a greater initiative to become more active in the City of Literature.

Our meetings were as follows:

October 2015: IPEd information

December 2015: Christmas/45th Anniversary

February 2016: Working with Illustrators – with Judith Rossell

April 2016: The Business of Being an Editor – with Lena Smarrelli

June 2016: New Media – with Erik Jensen, Brigid Delaney, Izzy Roberts-Orr, Veronica Sullivan

August 2016: Supplemental Student Event, The Working Editor's Toolkit – with Tim Fisher, Kate Goldsworthy, John Ryan


AGM: Membership Report

This is a report for membership of Editors Victoria from the time of the last AGM, September 2015, to 30 June 2016: some nine months of activity. On 1 July 2016, the society became a Victorian branch of IPEd and the membership function was taken over by the new national office.

In response to questions from prospective members about the registration process, further work was done on the website to improve and streamline information and requirements. Furthermore, an electronic form for referees’ reports was devised and installed. Reports from referees are needed for assessing membership for the professional grade for all intending members, except for current accredited editors. I would like to express my thanks to Meredith Bramich for the electronic form and to Alexis Kelly who assisted with this portfolio and deputised for me when I was away overseas.


AGM: Communication Report

Given that comms speaks pretty much for itself (#cheappun), being one of the portfolios most of you come into regular contact with, I just have a brief summary of the 2015–16 year.

Newsletters went out like clockwork containing their usual mix of great Q&As (such as those with Lucy Treloar and Judith Rossell), book reviews, monthly portfolio reports and a range of other content – some light, some more serious – with an ongoing healthy open rate, which we view as a thumbs up for their contents.


AGM: Resolutions

Members received an email on 1 September with details of the resolutions put to the AGM. As a reminder, they were:

Resolution 1 –That Editors Victoria Inc. (Registration No. A0023664H) (‘the Association’) will continue as a registered association for the time being, as described in the document Editors Victoria to Continue as a Registered Association.


Event Wrap: Working Editor's Toolkit Panel

WEToolkitOn Wednesday 31 August 2016, Editors Victoria and RMIT hosted a special panel event, the Working Editor’s Toolkit. Designed for emerging editors, students and editors interested in changing streams, the panel brought together three specialists for a conversation on the work of editors across disciplines.

With Jackey Coyle moderating the chat, Kate Goldsworthy, Editor with Affirm Press, Tim Fisher, Editorial Director with Broadsheet Media, and John Ryan, Director of Sitegeist, discussed their approaches to editing for publishing, digital media, online and corporate clients. The conversation ranged from the skills required to work across platforms, the best way to network and how to gain experience as an emerging editor to the importance of understanding the client brief and the brilliance of brevity. Memorably, John Ryan declared there should be a bounty on superfluous words!


New Accredited Editors

Congratulations to the Editors Victoria members who passed the June 2016 IPEd accreditation exam. Our new AEs are:

Annette (Annie) Collins
Georgina Garner
Brenda Gurr
Caroline Hadley
Deryn Mansell
Kate Manton
Katherine McDonell
Larissa Tittl
Melanie Scaife
Sally Jane McInnes
Vesna Rapajic

Training Update

On 15 October, we have Jackey Coyle's Advanced Dance Steps for the Self-Employed Editor, a full-day course for freelancers wanting to take their editing business to the next level in a competitive freelance market. Jackey's highly successful format mixes information, discussion and activity to cover the five essential elements of being successfully self-employed: masterminding the big picture as well as taking care of the details; getting your name out there; creating and looking after the wealth; learning constantly to broaden and deepen your know-how; and working smarter to keep all your irons in the fire. Bookings close 7 October.


Mentoring Update

My name is Louise Zedda-Sampson and I’m the new Victorian Coordinator for the IPEd National Mentoring Program. A big thank you to Davina Dadley-Moore for all her work as the previous coordinator.

Details on the program can be found at www.iped-editors.org/Mentoring.

If you have any questions, or are interested in becoming a mentor or mentee, please have a look at the Mentoring Program Guidance Notes, available on the IPEd website, and then send me an email at mentorship@editorsvictoria.org.


Publishing Now and America in Decline @MWF

Three lucky members were able to attend a session at the Melbourne Writers Festival (MWF), thanks to free tickets we could offer as a result of our sponsorship relationship with the MWF this year. Here they report back on what they saw.

Publishing Now, 3 September

Amanda Martin and Sharon Mullins both chose Publishing Now.

Healthy Outlook, Especially for Indies

Bright and early, coffee in hand, I joined a small crowd at the ‘Publishing Now’ session at MWF16, at which Peter Mews of the Brunswick Street Bookstore discussed the current state of the Australian trade publishing industry with Henry Rosenbloom (Scribe), Louise Ryan (Penguin Random House) and Cate Kennedy (author).