October 2016


The recent Editors Victoria Inc. AGM reminded me of the many benefits editors gain from membership of the society and of IPEd (the Institute of Professional Editors), our national body. Our activities and opportunities encompass training, accreditation, one-to-one mentoring, regular dinner events (always both social and educational), support for freelancers, the all-important networking and sharing information about jobs, opportunities and the profession generally. Most of this is done by the volunteer committee, who have also seen us through the transition to becoming a state branch of IPEd. In this newsletter, we include the committee members' reports on their activities over the past 12 months – if you weren't at the AGM, have a read through those reports to see all that's been happening.

Of course, the society really thrives because of our active participation. Whether it's helping out on grammar or business queries in the Secret Editors' Business Facebook group, reviewing books and events for the newsletter or getting together at the Melbourne events or in Gippsland and north-east Victoria, members are getting involved and both giving and receiving support. What a fab group!


President’s Report

September has been a busy month for us. We started with a full committee meeting to continue evolving our role as a branch of a national body and our services to our members. I was excited to hear the plans and innovations of our subcommittees across their portfolios, with new developments in communications, training, events and other member services.

The following week, at the AGM for Editors Victoria Inc., there was an overwhelming vote to not deregister our state organisation, which gives us the opportunity to protect our heritage and decide how to allocate our excess funds.


October Dinner Meeting: Alice Pung

The next Editors Victorian dinner is coming up on Wednesday 19 October and our guest will be Alice Pung, author of Laurinda and editor of the upcoming My First Lesson, a collection of writings by teens about their school experiences. Alice will speak about working with young writers – the unique challenges, the rewards and the ways we can promote opportunities for new and diverse voices.

Register at the MEMNET portal by Friday 14 October.

Also, save the date for our Christmas dinner on Thursday 1 December.

Editors Victoria Inc. AGM

We had a lively and well-attended AGM dinner meeting on Tuesday 20 September. Editors Victoria President Jackey Coyle gave an overview of our society’s history, providing a context for the later vote on two resolutions (of which more below).

Committee members then reported on their activities and the activities of the various subcommittees, including:

freelance affairs
professional development


AGM: President's Report

Tonight is a one and only – it is our 46th AGM, and could be our very last AGM for Editors Victoria as we’ve known it. Let me be clear: this isn’t an AGM for Editors Victoria, the branch of IPEd. We are looking back over 2015–16 for Editors Victoria Inc. We have been a branch of IPEd since 1 July, two-and-a-half months, so the first AGM for the branch will be in August 2017.

Tonight our hard-working volunteer committee members will report on what happened in our association up until the end of June, and we’ll vote to accept their reports.

Then we have special resolutions to vote on whether to continue as an association, as opposed to deregistering and handing over all our assets to IPEd. The reasons for this centre around honouring the status of the association as Australia’s oldest and largest professional society of editors.


AGM: Financial Report

These are the financial operating results for the year ended 30 June 2016 for Editors Victoria Inc.

Editors Victoria had a deficit of $9,057 for the 2016 financial year. The overriding cause of that deficit was that membership fee income for the year was nearly $13,000 less than for the 2015 financial year. The reason was that a large proportion of members whose subscriptions are due for renewal in July normally pay those subscriptions in June. This year, we asked them not to do that because members records were to be transferred to IPEd on 1 July, so it was more practical for the members to wait and pay IPEd rather than EV.


AGM: IPEd Councillor Report

In the last week of June, the records of 583 Editors Victoria members were transferred to IPEd in preparation for the transition on 1 July when IPEd became the national association of editors. The transferred members continued their unexpired subscriptions as members of the Editors Victoria branch of IPEd; those whose subscriptions were due for renewal were able to renew as members of the branch.


AGM: Freelance Affairs Report

Subcommittee: Mary-Jo O’Rourke, Anne Gugger

Looking back over the 12 months since mid-2015, the main aspects of the freelance portfolio have been enquiries related to freelance editing work, especially around professional indemnity insurance and also falling payment levels. We have also fielded queries around the transition to IPEd and the transfer of Freelance Register payments (but not yet the Register itself) to IPEd.


AGM: Professional Development Report


The professional development subcommittee reports to the executive committee. This subcommittee spans accreditation, training and mentorship, which are key for members of Editors Victoria.

We have had a wonderful team this year. Our new accreditation board representatives – Sandra Duncanson (who stepped down on 30 June) and Stephanie Heriot – did a huge amount of work for the new, on-screen, accreditation exam. They helped coordinate a better program for Victorian editors preparing for accreditation. This involved not only working with the events team but also with the training officer to design a workshop for exam preparation, which we had not done in previous years.


AGM: Training Report

Firstly, I'd like to note my appreciation for the efforts of our last training officers (Pam Firth and, before her, Ann Philpott) for their fantastic efforts over several years managing and developing our training program and leaving it in such good shape. But I also like to acknowledge the wonderful support provided by Davina Dadley-Moore in helping me ease into the role, and also note how enjoyable it is working with Steph Heriot and Louise Zedda-Sampson of the professional development subcommittee, and of course with the rest of the Editors Victoria committee.