The recent Editors Victoria Inc. AGM reminded me of the many benefits editors gain from membership of the society and of IPEd (the Institute of Professional Editors), our national body. Our activities and opportunities encompass training, accreditation, one-to-one mentoring, regular dinner events (always both social and educational), support for freelancers, the all-important networking and sharing information about jobs, opportunities and the profession generally. Most of this is done by the volunteer committee, who have also seen us through the transition to becoming a state branch of IPEd. In this newsletter, we include the committee members' reports on their activities over the past 12 months – if you weren't at the AGM, have a read through those reports to see all that's been happening.

Of course, the society really thrives because of our active participation. Whether it's helping out on grammar or business queries in the Secret Editors' Business Facebook group, reviewing books and events for the newsletter or getting together at the Melbourne events or in Gippsland and north-east Victoria, members are getting involved and both giving and receiving support. What a fab group!

Read on for news on upcoming events (Alice Pung!), a report on our biggest ever dinner event, stories from the Melbourne Writers Festival, a book review, Dear Ed and more.

Until next month.

Margie Beilharz
Newsletter Editor