AGM: IPEd Councillor Report

In the last week of June, the records of 583 Editors Victoria members were transferred to IPEd in preparation for the transition on 1 July when IPEd became the national association of editors. The transferred members continued their unexpired subscriptions as members of the Editors Victoria branch of IPEd; those whose subscriptions were due for renewal were able to renew as members of the branch.

A great deal of preparatory work had to be done in the first six months of 2016 for IPEd to be ready for the transition, and three new IPEd staff members were recruited. The process of setting up the membership system and subscription records was quite complicated and unfortunately there was some confusion for transferred members. Editors Victoria Inc. transferred $19,067 to IPEd as the amount of unexpired membership and Freelance Register subscriptions.

We hope that the new organisation develops member support services well and becomes a strong voice and advocate for editors.

Charles Houen
Editors Victoria IPEd Councillor (to 30 June)