AGM: Professional Development Report


The professional development subcommittee reports to the executive committee. This subcommittee spans accreditation, training and mentorship, which are key for members of Editors Victoria.

We have had a wonderful team this year. Our new accreditation board representatives – Sandra Duncanson (who stepped down on 30 June) and Stephanie Heriot – did a huge amount of work for the new, on-screen, accreditation exam. They helped coordinate a better program for Victorian editors preparing for accreditation. This involved not only working with the events team but also with the training officer to design a workshop for exam preparation, which we had not done in previous years.

Ron Thiele also put in an enormous amount of work making the training processes streamlined and more efficient. He also managed to do something that we have been planning to do for years: get all the titles for the year’s workshops online. This means that members can now see what’s coming up and plan where to spend their training budget.


Mentorship had a good year, if a slow one. Much attention was drawn away by the IPEd merger and by the new accreditation exam, and it was not possible to run workshops for new mentors in the National Mentoring Program until late August. Despite this, the program continues to be extremely successful, and there are now four graduates, three mentorships in progress and three mentee applicants waiting to be matched.

We have continued to maintain strict adherence to the criteria for being a mentee. These are: being a member of the Editors Victoria branch; completing some work as an editor; and having some formal training. The last is sometimes problematic in other states; however, in Victoria, numerous courses and workshops are available, including our own.

There’s good news to impart in that members of both IPEd branches and independent societies can still participate in the program, even though not all societies voted to join IPEd. Several Victorian mentees are being mentored (or have been mentored) by editors from other states or overseas. The feedback from these mentorships has been overwhelming positive, so we would not want this option to be closed to our members.

On 30 June, I stepped down from my roles as vice-president, professional development subcommittee coordinator and mentorship officer. I have now handed over the mentorship portfolio to Louise Zedda-Sampson, who is already doing a fantastic job.

Davina Dadley-Moore
Mentorship Officer (to 30 June)