AGM: Membership Report

This is a report for membership of Editors Victoria from the time of the last AGM, September 2015, to 30 June 2016: some nine months of activity. On 1 July 2016, the society became a Victorian branch of IPEd and the membership function was taken over by the new national office.

In response to questions from prospective members about the registration process, further work was done on the website to improve and streamline information and requirements. Furthermore, an electronic form for referees’ reports was devised and installed. Reports from referees are needed for assessing membership for the professional grade for all intending members, except for current accredited editors. I would like to express my thanks to Meredith Bramich for the electronic form and to Alexis Kelly who assisted with this portfolio and deputised for me when I was away overseas.

Over the nine months since September 2015, membership registrations remained steady. On average, some six to ten members were welcomed monthly across the student, associate member and professional member grades. At 30 June 2016, there were some 583 active members (EV, MEMNET database). This comprises 334 professional members, 178 associate members, 22 honorary life members and 24 student members (IPEd, MEMNET database, 1 July 2016). The lower total obtained from the IPEd database (558 members) suggests that not all members transferred their membership from EV to IPEd. In comparison, at the time of the last AGM, there were around 642 active members (EV, MEMNET database, September 2015).

I wish to express my special thanks to the EV administrative officer, Nicole Mathers, who has helped me out many times in communication with members and sorting out membership issues. I am also grateful to the committee for their support.

Maryna Mews
Membership Officer (to 30 June)