AGM: Communication Report

Given that comms speaks pretty much for itself (#cheappun), being one of the portfolios most of you come into regular contact with, I just have a brief summary of the 2015–16 year.

Newsletters went out like clockwork containing their usual mix of great Q&As (such as those with Lucy Treloar and Judith Rossell), book reviews, monthly portfolio reports and a range of other content – some light, some more serious – with an ongoing healthy open rate, which we view as a thumbs up for their contents.

Social media is progressively being amped up, with a focus primarily on Facebook. Some stats around this include: the number of page likes up almost 50%; monthly impression rates have tripled, quadrupled and even quintupled some months (which means, on a monthly basis, posts on the page have passed through anywhere up to 50,000 Facebook feeds); and in terms of engagement, interaction with posts is up by 10–15% on average. Admittedly, we've been quieter on Twitter and LinkedIn but expect more activity in these channels over the coming year.

This year we offered financial support to the Melbourne Writers Festival, sponsoring a masterclass with renowned editor John Freeman. This support was important, not only because it meant we received some great exposure through the MWF blog and social media channels, but also because it kicked off what we hope is a stronger ongoing connection to the MWF over the coming years.

Looking forward, we are planning a strategy day for the communication subcommittee, during which we will look at the three main comms tools – social media, the newsletter and the website – and how we can enhance them so members get the most or more out of them. Prior to this, we would like to get feedback from you all via a short survey, which will hit members' inboxes in the coming month.

I'd like to conclude by offering a massive thanks to the comms team, Margie, Sally, Ruth and Susan, and I would also like to put out the call for an extra member to join the subcommittee to help us over the next 12 months as we embark on a more active social media campaign and also a revamping of the website.

Paul Bugeja
Communication Officer